Quality Residential & Commercial Cleaning at Your Fingertip.

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  • General House Cleaning
  • Office/ Commercial Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning

While selecting a good janitorial cleaning service in the area, you should always go for a company that provides best quality cleaning services. Our services are “green”, we use top notch products for general house cleaning in the market. We also follow all the required safety measures.

A neat & clean office or business establishment promotes the company image in a positive manner and provides a healthy environment for both clients and workers/employees.


With years of service experience at our hand, GY Cleaning is a trusted company for commercial cleaning services in the market. Our happy customers regularly count on us to get their commercial space cleaned and maintained to achieve their best working environment.

If you are interested in finding a great window cleaning service to make your windows shine every single day we can help. Feel free to contact us anytime and we will accomplish the job in no time. 


We use the best cleaning techniques to clean all sorts of windows in homes and offices. Our service will clean the dirts and chemicals leaving foggy stains which creates annoying/unclear views through the window.

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